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"Just finished fresh voices for Animation."

The JoyVoice™:
Sounds of
Big Personality,
& Rich Talent.

SEGMETpresents . . . .

"Be My Guest; Take Your time; and,
Enjoy what You find."   
"What's the point of Experiencing
Our Life-journey,
If We don't 'Play a little Bit' and
'Put some Fun in It?"

"Perhaps, We will work together, Experience Life, Be Prosperous, and
'Put some Fun in It TOO."
"Great Wishes of Abundance, Peace, & WellBeing to You."
                      By SEGMET  :)

Hey There . . .     :)


        "Here you shall find the

MAGIC of SEGMET VoiceOvers." 

"The 'Go - To Voice Talent!' in Los Angeles.  Welcome to The Voice Actor & VoiceOvers by SEGMET :) "


         "Immerse yourself in, Captivating Demos, Superb Sounds, Hilarious Skits, Creative Projects, and more . . . . . Emerging from the Big Personality, the Rich Talent, and the Harmonic Tones presented by SEGMET."

Los Angeles, California / / (424) 234-3403

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